• JB


I am thankful for eggnog! Eggnog is a traditional holiday drink. It’s mostly enjoyed around Thanksgiving and Christmas but I can’t wait that long, so I drink it before thanksgiving because It tastes so good! It’s especially good when you add some pumpkin spice or cinnamon in it, it really tastes like the holidays! I didn’t always feel this way about eggnog. As a much younger kid than I already am, I had a bunch of goofy and absurd ideas about this delicious beverage. Before I tasted egg nog I thought to myself, “Why would anybody drink that? Eggs! Euck! How dumb?”. I first believed it was some type of medicine that would knock you out and put you into a really deep sleep! I continued to spew my false beliefs, associating this wonderful drink with the likes of horseradish, whatever that tastes like! So in my ignorance induced bias, I thought that I’d hate it until one day my mom made me try it, against my will and stubborn thinking. And then, Aaaah the angels sang and the heavens were made known to me! Who in this world can hate eggnog after tasting its dreamy, creamy, sweet and blissful goodness? Who? So now, I can’t wait for egg nog to hit the shelves! Eggnog, can you ever find it in your yummy delectable heart to forgive the folly of my former ways? I’m truly thankful for you.~JB (Bass player of Trip J)

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