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"The youngest band in the land!"

Who Is Trip J Band

Trip J Band is a band comprised of 4 siblings, Jerio, JB, Jet and Xiyanna ages 16,15,12 & 9 respectively. Our style of music is influenced by multiple genres including, funk, rock, pop, smooth and cool jazz. Our aspiration for the near future is to perform our original material at music festivals nationwide and globally. We also plan to promote our label "Trip J Entertainment" and collaborate with other artists.


Trip J Band Mission

Our mission is to perform positive fun live music as a platform to bring positive change to the lives of others all while making money and building our band into a business and household name. We will continue our community involvement as we endeavor to inspire other youth to reach their full potential.


TripJ_1 (1).png

Da'Shina & Rod 
Managers of Trip J Entertainment




I am the chief musician and producer for Trip J Entertainment! I enjoy creating music, making beats and song writing. My goals for this year are to promote our newest group EPK4, collaborate with other artist and to finally finish  Trip J Band's 1st album. 


As the bass player of Trip J Band and a member of EPK4, I love playing and making cool songs on my bass guitar! I like traveling to different places around the world, we’ve been to Grand Turk and Dominican Republic. I also like photography especially of all my siblings. I have fun studying the Chinese and Japanese culture ! I enjoy playing bass with my little brother Jet and creating melodies on piano.


I love playing drums for trip j band and coming up with cool lyrics for our new group epk4! My hope is to continue growing in my drum playing as well as a performer.

Welcome our newest member to the band our littler sister Xiyanna!

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