"The youngest band in the land!"

Who Is Trip J Band

Trip J Band is a band comprised of 3 brothers, Jerio, JB and Jet ages 14,13 & 10 respectively. We gained some popularity performing Pop and Soul shows with creative covers. During shows we began to infuse our original songs and instrumentals with great reception. In this year alone we've written and performed over 10 original songs including a score for the play "Threads". We were challenged with developing several eras of music using  a single motif of one of our original songs. We were invited to play at the first annual Kentucky Derby Festival "Block Party" where we performed all original music for the first time during a performance. Earlier in the year we had the privilege of performing with Grammy award winning bassist Christian McBride. That opportunity inspired us to commit further to our craft and it also peaked our interest in the jazz and smooth jazz genres particularly the latter. Our aspiration for the near future is to perform our original material at music festivals nationwide and globally. 


Trip J Band Mission

Our mission is to perform positive fun live music as a platform to bring positive change to the lives of others all while making money and building our band into a business and household name. We will continue our community involvement as we endeavor to inspire other youth to reach their full potential.





I like making beats on my keyboard and coming up with new songs . I like to travel to different states and countries, and I am our band's music producer . One goal of mine is to go on tour worldwide this year. I think that touring for the first time will be the next step to reaching out to positively impact youth everywhere.  



I like traveling to different places around the world, we’ve been to Grand Turk and Dominican Republic. I also like to play golf for fun with all my siblings. I have fun studying the Chinese and Japanese culture ! I like to play a little bit on piano and trombone but I love playing and making cool songs on my bass guitar!



I like spending time on my hoverboard, bike riding, playing basketball with my brothers and video gaming. I love the drums but I like playing other instruments too!